YouTube clip of the week

Berni Flint

Bernie was an Oppotunity Knocks winner and holds the record for the longest continuous run of wins on the show. He also celebrates his 70s birthday this week.

He still tours the nostalgia circuit and does a lot of after dinner speaking.

Let’s remember his big hit.

Hazel O’Connor

This week Hazel O’Connor celebrates her 67th birthday. I met her back in 1981 when she presented me with a Breaking Glass clock and thanked me for making Will You a hit single. I last saw her three years ago in Harpenden where we caught up after the show. She’s still in good form and sounds great.

Earlier this year it was announced that she had suffered a brain haemorrhage and was put into an induced coma for 24 hours. We wish her well and a speedy recovery back to full health.

Let’s remember another great song from the Breaking Glass film, this is Eighth Day.

First of May – Bee Gees

I dedicate this post to my best friend Larry who we lost to Covid just over two years ago. The Bee Gees were one of his favourite groups and this was one of his favourite songs by them.

The first of May was a very significant date for Barry Gibb, who sings the lead vocal on this song. It was the date of Barnaby’s birthday – Barnaby was Barry’s Dog.

This song was released in 1969 around the same time Robin (briefly) left the group and it was probably this single that cemented his decision. The song featured on the album Odessa and there were two tracks slated as the first single to be released and they were Lamplight sung by Robin and first of May sung by Barry. The record company chose First of May and Robin left. Thankfully he returned after a couple of solo singles, the biggest being Saved By the Bell.

Let’s enjoy this masterpiece.


Robin S

Robin S is 60 years old this week.

The S is for Stone and she was born in the Hempstead area of New York. Her most famous song is Show Me Love which she originally recorded in 1990 but not a worldwide hit until it was re-mixed by the Swedish producer StoneBridge and re-released in 1993 and argunally the greatest dance anthem to come out of the 1990s. Let’s enjoy.