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B. J. Thomas

B.J Thomas would have celebrated his 80th birthday this week.

B.J, which stands for Billy Joe was born in Oklahoma and is a pop and country singer. He is virtually unknown in the UK, but millions will know his songs.

He recorded the original versions of songs that many other covered and had hits with including, Mama (Dave Berry), Always On My Mind (Elvis & Pet Shop Boys), I Just Can’t Help Believin’ (Elvis), It’s Only Love (Elvis), Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head (Sacha Distel) and Whatever Happened to Old-Fashioned Love (Daniel O’Donnell).

In the USA, he had a number of pop and country hits including his first hit, a cover of Hank Williams’ I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (1966), Hooked On a Feeling (1968) and his 1975 chart-topper (Hey Won’t You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song.

He has also appeared in the movies Jory (1973) and Jake’s Corner (2008) as well as recording various advert jingles, including ones for Coca-Cola, Pepsi and the Bell Telephone Company.

In March 2021, he made a statement on his Facebook page saying he was suffering from stage four lung cancer but died two months later.

Here he is on the Nashville Now in 1993 performing his original of an Elvis hit.

Robert Cray

This week the legendary blues guitarist and singer Robert Cray 69. He only charted one UK hit which reached a poor number 50 in the chart. A sad, but wonderfully, told story. Check it out.

Carl Malcolm

Carl Malcolm had one UK hit in late 1975 and it was a top 10 hit and he is 76 this week.

Early literature had him as being born in 1952, but he was born in 1946 in Jamaica. He learned keyboard as a teenager and in the mid-60s he was a member of the reggae band, The Volcanos.

It was Capital Radio’s Dave Cash who began playing this after Jonathan King released it on his UK record label.

In around 2014, it was being used in a Paddy Power TV commercial but not re-issued at the time.




Live Aid opening

This week, in 1985, say the greatest ever live event the world had ever seen, Live Aid. Many people would have seen some, if not all, the concert footage, but it was BBC News report by Michael Buerk that inspired Bob Geldof to launch the whole project and this is part of the report.

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson was an Australian singer/songwriter and is celebrating his 80th birthday this week.

He was born in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia and when he was 24 he moved to Sydney and launched a singing career. He released his first single, Hayman Island, in January 1967. Over the next few years there were a few label changes and in 1974 when signed to Mainstream records he released his best-known song, Rock And Roll (I Gave You the Best Years of My Life). It only reached number 73 on Billboard but Jonathan King loved it and licensed it to his own UK record label and had it released in the UK where it peaked at number 23.

Let’s remember this great hit.