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The Online Quiz

League 44 has just come to an end and congratulations go to frankh who once again proves his musical knowledge in style with 114 points. He will receive his trophy in due course. Bad luck to JiltedJohn who chased him most of the way and ended up in second place but with a seven-point gap, one of the biggest. Also, a mention for Neil B and waynek74 who did well too and ended up in joint third position with 106 points.  Bad luck to pfirsich who finished in 13th place with a score of 100, but will likely have come second if he hadn’t missed a week.

Congratulations go to mickytrout who endedup in the pre-picked position of 201 having done all 12 weeks. He will receive his prize this week.

There is NO online quiz this week, but league 45 begins next Sunday (27th September) at midday

There is a pre-picked number and whoever is in that position at the end of the league, provided they’ve done at least 10 of the 12 week, you’ll qualify for the prize. The pre-picked number for league 45 will be appear here next Sunday.

As always all you have to do is remember to do it EVERY week and if you have a tendency to forget, just set up the free reminder, and here’s how to do it… Just log in, go to change account details, click ‘yes’ for the reminder and set the day and time you would like to be reminded and just remember to click ‘change reminder setting’ once you’ve done it. If you’ve already the quiz before the reminder is due then it will NOT send you the reminder. It will already know you’ve done it.

If there is something you would like me to cover on the ‘Did You Know’ feature, please let me know too. Please make your suggestions via return email or contacting me through the website. Go on, have a think, there must be one!

The age range of the people who do the quiz is so varied with the youngest person (that I know of) being 16 and the oldest (that I know of) being 75.

If you wish to change your username, email address and/or password you can do so clicking ‘change account details’ but don’t forget to save changes afterwards.

The rules for those doing it for the first time are: there are three minutes to do the quiz. If you navigate away from the page or click back it will give you a zero score and cannot be reset. You need to do at least 10 of the 12 weeks to qualify for the random pre-picked position. Whoever is in that position at the end of the league will receive an extra prize. If that person hasn’t done 10 or more weeks then I’ll go one below and then one above until I find someone who has done 10+ weeks. If you get a problem with the quiz, ie losing internet connection and the like, please contact me, if not, your score is likely to remain at zero.

In 44 leagues there have been 16 different winners, can you make it into this elite group?