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Two weeks completed and nine players did week two but not week one and five did week one but not week two.

Anyway, at the end of the second week there was a three-way tie for first place with JiltedJohn, eagle64 and jen all leading with 19 points. They are closely followed by a nine-way tie for second place all of which have 18 points and then a 14-way tie for third place who all share 17 points. 

Going into week three, five points separate the top 128 players and the ‘lucky’ person in 127th place was MYMeerkat.

Week three is ready for you, good luck.


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Nothing is more embarrassing than ending up at the bottom of the league table, so as long as you remember to do it every week (or nearly every week!) you’ll always be mid-table. To ensure that, don’t forget to set the reminder.


For future reference, if you get a problem and achieve a zero score, you need to let me know so it can be reset.

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