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This week it’s the choice of Beverley Riley who has asked for the story of Wonderful World by Sam Cooke click on the icon at the top of the page if you would like to read it. You can also view the archive of all past singles of the week by clicking the Single of the Week archive tab at the top of the page.


The Online Quiz

Another interesting week with frankh now taking a two point lead ahead of Ben Dover who is now second with 82 points. JiltedJohn drops down to third place with 80 points and Neil B is holding his own in fourth place with 79. This is stll too close to call as anything can happen in the next three week. At the end of last week there was still six points separating the top eight players and the person in 180th place was GillB who has done all nine weeks. Cleopatro was 4

Week 10 is here and ready , good luck.

The quiz runs from midday Sunday to 11am the following Sunday, with three minutes to answer 10 multiple choice music questions. The winner will receive a trophy and the player in the pre-picked position will receive an ‘extra’ prize. The pre-picked number for this league is 180.

If there is something you would like me to cover on the ‘Did You Know’ feature, please let me know too. Please make your suggestions by contacting me through this website. Go on, have a think, there must be one! 

The age range of the people who do the quiz is so varied with the youngest person (that I know of) being 22 and the oldest (that I know of) being 76.

If you wish to change your username, email address and/or password you can do so clicking ‘change account details’ but don’t forget to save changes afterwards. 

In 54 leagues there have been 18 different winners, can you make it into this elite group?

Have you checked out this new radio station yet?

Are you fed up listening to the same bland music on so many of the bland stations with DJs/presenters being told what to say and with only limited talk allowed and most of that is time or namechecking the station and weather etc? Well here’s something new. A station called Retrochartsradio. They are playing EVERY top 40 hit single covering 1952 – 1999 in a completely random order. There are no presenters, shows and, thankfully, no tedious ads and there is no repeat for approx eight weeks.

After that, they start the rotation all over again in a completely different random order. They are playing every double A side, Re-mixes, EP tracks and acts most other radio stations would not dare to play or are even allowed to play.

If you would the unpredictability and the diversely random selection of hearing Metallica followed by Ronnie Hilton followed by Sash, then this station is well worth checking out. It’s on air seven days a week from 8am until 11pm. Give it a listen here by clicking here.