Jon Kutner's Online Quiz

How to play

The quiz works as follows; once registered you click ‘start quiz’, you will then have three minutes to complete the quiz. You’ll see question one with four possible answers, just click the one you think is right and click next to move on. Once you’ve answered all 10 questions you click ‘finish’ and will see a review of your own answers. The correct answers will be displayed on this page after each week finishes at 11am on Sunday morning.

If you are a new participant, you’ll need to create a free account of which only your username will be displayed. Once done, login and away you go. If you are unable to log in, it’ll be because your email address isn’t recognised by the database, so just re-register using a valid email address.

Free quiz reminder

There is a free reminder service if you want it. All you need to do is login, go to change account details, click ‘yes’ to the quiz reminder and then set the day and time you would like it and you’ll be notified by email. Make sure you click ‘save’ before leaving the page. If, however, you do the quiz before the reminder is due, then you won’t receive an email.

Quiz Prizes

There are two prizes; the winner will get an engraved trophy and every league has a pre-picked number too. The player in that position at the end of each league will receive an ‘extra’ prize as long as you’ve done at least 10 of the 12 weeks.


Quiz Home page

Last week's quiz has now finished.

The new one will be here from 30th June at 12:00PM