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Puddles Pity Party

Puddles Pity Party is the pseudonym for 6′ 8″ singer Mike Geier. He is from Atlanta Georgia, often dresses in a clown outfit and sings cover version of recent hits. This is a fantastic case of Johnny Cash meets The Who, check it out. My thanks to Coda Queen for bringing this tomy attention.

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This week the 80s singer Shannon celebrates her 60th birthday.

Here’s a video of here biggest hit, Let the Music Play which reached number 12 in February 1984. To find out more about her just click ‘show more’ under the vieo and there is a wealth of info.

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Paul Heaton

Paul Heaton celebrates his birthday this week and he is 55.

Paul was born in Cheshire but grew up in Sheffield. During his younger days Football and music were his main interests and in 1982 formed The Housemartins. Between 1986 and 1988 they released eight singles, their biggest being the 1986 chart-topper Caravan of Love which was a cover of an Isley Jasper Isley original. They also released three albums, London 0 Hull 4, Now That’s What I Call Quite Good! and The People Who Grinned Themselves to Death which all made the top 10.

They split in 1988 and a few months late he formed the Beautiful South and over the course of 17 years had 32 hit singles and 13 albums, but in 2001 launched a concurrent solo career but was not as successful as his bands.

In 2014 he teamed up with the former Beautiful South singer Jacqui Abbott and released a fantastic album called What Have We Become which spawned a lively upbeat single called D.I.Y which only stepped onto the chart at number 75. You may have missed it and if so, check it out here.

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Bee Gees

Monday of this week is a very special day in the Bee Gees calendar.

Click here to find out why

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Saint Etienne

Sarah Cracknell is 50 years old this week, she was the lead singer with Saint Etienne.

The band were formed in 1990 by friends, and former music journalists, Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs. Their original plan was to make music and feature various different female singers, but once they’d heard Sarah she became their permanent member.

They amassed 21 UK hit single with their biggest being He’s On the Phone which reached number 11. Arguably their catchiest hit was the 1993 song He’s In a Bad Way which had a retro sound but was never meant to be a single. In an interview with Melody Maker Bob Stanley said, “That song was written in about 10 minutes and was a simple imitation of Herman’s Hermits.”

The single version was different from the album version even having two different producers, self-produced on the album and Alan Tarney on the single. The band haven’t split up, although nothing new has been heard from them since 2012.

Let’s enjoy the song.

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