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Lol Creme

Lol Creme, most famously of 10cc, is 70 this week.

He was born Laurence Neil Creme in Prestwich and it was whilst attending art school in Birmingham he acquired the nickname Lolagon which was shorted to Lol. It was there he met drummer Kevin Godley and in 1970 formed the band Hotlegs, a name they chose because a secretary used to wear hot pants and their nickname for her was hotlegs. They teamed up with Eric Stewart and started dabbling with new equipment at Strawberry Studios. They ‘accidentally’ recorded a song called Neanderthal Man which ended up being released in 1970 and made number two. You can read the full story when I wrote it as a single of the week back in February 2016 by clicking here:

In 1971 they recruited formed 60s songwriter Graham Gouldman and after a short while became 10cc. Lol was with the band between 1972 and 1976 and can be heard on 10 of their 13 hits between Donna and The Things We Do for Love. At that time Lol and Kevin Godley left for form the duo Godley and Creme and had a couple of big hits in 1981 with Under your Thumb and Wedding Bells. They also began prolific music video directors. Their video skills were used by The Police, Culture Club, Herbie Hancock, Visage, Go West and Yes among many others. Their most creative is arguably on their own 1985 hit Cry.

In 1998 he became a member of The Art of Noise with Anne Dudley and Trevor Horn and directed videos for them and any artists that worked with them. Lol’s son, Lalo followed in his father’s footsteps and was a member of the 90s dance act Arkarna.

Lol’s wife Angie’s is the sister of Eric Stewart’s wife Gloria.

Let’s enjoy that 1985 hit Cry with a fascinating video.

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It was 40 years ago this week that Marc Bolan died in a car crash in Barnes. The car was driven by his girlfriend, the singer Gloria Jones who recorded the original version of Tainted Love and also write the 1979 disco hit Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet for Gonzalez.

T.Rex first hit the UK chart in 1968, under the name Tyrannosaurus Rex, with Debora. After three hits they shortened the name to T.Rex and chart 20 hit singles including the four chart toopers; Hot Love, Get It On, Telegram Sam and Metal Guru.

Let’s enjoy his last top 20 hit, from 1976.

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Papa Was A Rolling Stones

It was the 3rd of September is the opening line of this song and that’s appropriate this week.

There has always been a rumour that lead singer Dennis Edwards didn’t want to record this song because the opening line reminded him of the day his real father died and thought the writer, Norman Whitfield, only wrote it to antagonize Dennis. Rubbish! A story made up for publicity purposes. Firstly Dennis’ father died on 3rd October and, secondly, Norman originally wrote it for the Undisputed Truth who did record it first and therefore didn’t think about Dennis. Also he said he had no idea when Dennis’ father died.

The album version runs to 11m 46s, but on the single it was split onto two side with the A side being the vocal at 6m 58s and the B side being the remaining instrumental at 4m 49s. It’s Motown’s longest single. The intro alone is 1m and 54s.

The song entered the UK chart in January 1973 and remained on the listing for eight weeks peaking at number 14. A re-mix in 1987 stalled number 31. Here’s a version from 1972 which they performed on the American TV show Soul Train with a much shorter intro.


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Deepest pool

Not a music releated clip this week, but I recently saw the deepest swimming pool in th world being explored. Frightening? I thought so.

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