World Parkinson’s Day

This Thursday is World Parkinson’s Day and it is marked to raise awareness of the disease and how it impacts people. My dad has had it for about four years now, so it’s the charity I support. Here is a list of 20 famous people (not all music-related) who have been affected by it.

Billy Connolly Scottish comedian/entertainer
Billy Graham American evangelist
Bob Hoskins British actor
David ‘Kid’ Jensen Radio DJ
Enoch Powell Politician
Frank Kelly Irish singer
Glenn Tipton Guitarist Judas Priest
Jeremy Thorpe Politician
Linda Ronstadt American singer
Martha Johnson singer with Matha & the Muffins
Maurice White Singer with Earth Wind & Fire
Michael J. Fox American actor
Muhammed Ali American Boxer
Neil Diamond American singer
Pat Torpey Drummer with Mr. Big
Pope John Paul II Pope!
Roger Bannister 4-minute mile runner
Salvador Dali Spanish artist
Sir John Betjeman Poet Laureate
Vincent Price US Actor
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