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A couple of weeks ago I had an email from Kev who said, “Listening to California uber alles the other day, got me thinking that California must be the most prolific state in a song’s title. But how do other states compare? Do all 50 states get a mention in at least 1 song title?” Well the answer is that almost 50% of States do not appear in the titles of UK hit singles. Here is the list of every UK hit which contain a US state. Where a title is duplicated this indicates a different version of the same song. Re-entries and re-issues of the same song by the same act do not count. Incidentally I’ve included titles that contain Carolina and Dakota but not specific to North or South. Oh, and Kev, in answer to your question, California is not the most prolific as you will see.

State Songs
Alabama – 4 Alabama Jubilee Sweet Home Alabama
Alabama Song Alabama Blues Revisited
Alaska – 1 North To Alaska
Arizona – 1 Arizona Sky
Arkansas – 0
California – 30 California Here I Come California
California Girls California Screamin’
California Dreamin’ Moving To California
California Man Miss California
California Saga – California California Waiting
Hotel California California’s Bleeding
California Dreaming California Dreamin’
California Girls California
California Dreamin’ California Dreamin’
Hotel California California
It Never Rains (In Southern California) California
California California Soul
California Here I Come Dani California
California Love California Gurls
Take California California King Bed
Colorado – 0
Connecticut -0
Delaware – 1 Delaware
Florida – 0
Georgia – 4 Georgia On My Mind The Devil Went Down To Georgia
Midnight Train To Georgia Rainy Night In Georgia
Hawaii – 2 Hawaii Tattoo Hawaiian Wedding Song
Idaho – 0
Illinois – 0
Indiana – 2 Indiana Indiana Wants Me
Iowa – 0
Kansas – 3 Kansas City Kansas City
Kansas City Star
Kentucky – 3 A Message To Martha (Kentucky Bluebird) Message To Martha (Kentucky Bluebird)
Kentucky Rain
Louisiana – 0
Maine – 1 Charmaine
Maryland – 0
Massachusetts – 1 Massachusetts (The Lights Went Out In)
Michigan – 0
Minnesota – 0
Mississippi – 2 Mississippi My Head’s In Mississippi
Missouri – 1 Walkin’ To Missouri
Montana – 1 If She Should Come To You (La Montana)
Nebraska – 0
Nevada – 0
New Hampshire – 0
New Jersey – 0
New Mexico – 0
New York – 32 New York Mining Disaster 1941 Jamaican In New York
New York City Fashion Crisis Hits New York
New York Groove The Only Living Boy In New York
From New York To L.A. The Snows Of New York
Native New Yorker Native New Yorker
The Boy From New York City King Of New York
New York, New York New York City Boy
Theme From New York, New York Hard To Explain / New York City Cops
A Night In New York New York New York
Another Lonely Night In New York Leaving New York
New York Eyes New York, New York
New York Afternoon Moving To New York
Fairytale Of New York New York
Englishman In New York New York
King Of The New York Streets Welcome To New York
Boy From New York City New York Raining
North Carolina – 2 Carolina Moon Oh Carolina
North Dakota – 1 The Black Hills Of Dakota
Ohio – 2 Banks Of The Ohio Ohio
Oklahoma – 0
Oregon – 0
Pennsylvania – 0
Rhode Island – 0
South Carolina – 2 Lk Carolina Carol Bela Carolina
South Dakota – 1 Dakota
Tennessee – 5 Tennessee Wig Walk Tennessee
Memphis Tennessee Me And Tennessee
Memphis Tennessee
Texas – 7 The Yellow Rose Of Texas Texas
The Yellow Rose Of Texas Texas Never Whispers
The Yellow Rose Of Texas Texas Cowboys
Deep In The Heart Of Texas
Utah – 0
Vermont – 0
Virginia – 1 Virginia Plain
Washington – 1 Mrs. Washington
West Virginia – 1 Virginia Plain
Wisconsin – 0
Wyoming – 0
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3 comments for “US States in song titles

  1. Dave VanMusicMaster
    August 12, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    Glenn Miller did have a go at getting Pennsylvania into the charts in 1965 – but not enough people bought the single – “Pennyslvania 6-5000”

  2. Dave VanMusicMaster
    August 12, 2018 at 1:57 pm

    Utah Saints had a run of hits – but didn’t put their name in the titles

    I also have a 12″ single by B-52’s of Private Idaho … but only released in the US

  3. Dave VanMusicMaster
    August 12, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    a Bon Jovi album called New Jersey … but not a single of course

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