Unluckiest UK hit singles

The UK chart was extended from a top 50 to a top 75 on 13 May 1978, here is a list of all the acts who had just one UK hit which spent just one week at number 75. I wonder how many of these you’ve heard of!

Artist Title Year
Angelwitch Sweet Danger 1980
Grand Prix Keep On Believing 1982
Adicts Bad Boy 1983
Dayton The Sound Of Music 1985
Michael Lovesmith Ain’t Nothin’ Like It 1986
Anthony Hopkins Distant Star 1987
Deja Serious 1989
Cheryl Pepsi Riley Thanks For My Child 1990
Stop The Violence Movement Self-Destruction 1990
Pretty Boy Floyd Rock And Roll (Is Gonna Set The Night On Fire) 1991
Seduction Heartbeat 1991
Apples Eye Wonder 1992
Lost Technofunk 1992
D’bora Dream About You 1992
Simone My Family Depends On Me 1993
Souled Out In My Life 1994
Baby June Hey! What’s Your Name 1995
DTOX Shattered Glass 1995
Good Girls Just Call Me 1995
Expose I’ll Never Get Over You (Getting Over Me) 1995
Heartbeat Country Heartbeat 1996
Jhelisa Friendly Pressure 1996
Kreuz Party All Night 1997
Depth Charge Legend Of The Golden Snake 1998
Danielle Brisebois Gimme Little Sign 1998
Quench Dreams 1998
John Parish That Was My Veil 1999
Shades Serenade 1999
Inner Sanctum How Soon Is Now 1999
Niels Van Goch Pulverturm 2000
Der Dritte Raum Hale Bopp 2000
Campag Velocet Vito Satan 2001
Haziza One More 2001
Proud Mary Very Best Friend 2001
Cenoginerz Git Down 2001
Ils Next Level 2002
Goldfinger Open Your Eyes 2002
Mr. Scruff Sweetsmoke 2002
Pete Burns Jack And Jill Party 2002
International Airport Association! 2002
Flash Brothers Amen (Don’t Be Afraid) 2004
Brendan Benson Spit It Out 2004
Black Velvets Once In A While 2005
Bonde Do Role Office Boy 2005
Brit & Alex Let It Go 2006
Remady No Superstar 2007
Steve Mckenna Scottish Soldier 2008
Gaslight Anthem 45 2010
Jermain Jackman And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going 2012
Majestic & Jungle 70 Creeping In The Dark 2015
La La Land Cast Another Day Of Sun 2017
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