Streaming into the UK singles chart

Many have commented that with streaming being a factor into the UK singles chart is it the end of another era and does it also make it more open to more manipulation, the answer is I don’t know. The majority of the UK public find the UK chart irrelevant and given the fact that there are virtually no physical singles and the fact the ‘singles’ chart is littered with cherry-picked album tracks, it does make a mockery of a singles chart, but the music industry have tried to kerb ‘hyping’ when it comes to streaming.

The way this works is; audio streams from Napster, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, Blinkbox Music and ChartsNow among others will work like this, each track will have to be streamed for a minimum of 30 seconds before it counts as one stream, in-turn 100 streams of a song will then count as the equivalent to one single purchased. If someone tries to constantly stream one track hundreds, if not thousands, of times, particularly from one sight, then it is likely to flag up and arouse suspicion.

Interestingly, according to Music Week, Ed Sheeran’s current album, X has smashed streaming records in its first week of release on Spotify – whilst becoming the fastest download artist album in the history of the Official Chart.

Don’t forget, the independent radio Big Top 40 chart also factors airplay into its compilation, so the more a record is played, the higher up the chart it’s likely to go, so this is not based on actual sales either, so will streaming make any difference to the chart, and more importantly, will anyone care?

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