Songs and what they were written about rather than who.


The Rolling Stones’ hit Ruby Tuesday was originally written about a groupie.

AC/DC’s Highway to Hell was about being on the bus on the road where it takes forever to get from Melbourne or Sydney to Perth across the Nullarbor Plain.

Boy George’s To Be Reborn was written about the end of George’s relationship with Jon Moss.

The Arctic Monkeys’ 505 was written about Alex Turner’s girlfriend’s hotel room number.

The Monkees’ Last Train to Clarksville was a protest song written about the Vietnam war. Bobby Hart got the idea for the lyrics when he heard the end of The Beatles’ Paperback Writer. He thought Paul McCartney was singing Take the last train and decided to use the line when he found out he sang Paperback Writer.

Sarah McLachlan’s Angel was written about heroin addiction within the music industry.

Radiohead’s Fake Plastic Trees was written about the Docklands area of London.

A-Ha’s The Blood That Moves The body was written about kamikaze suicides.

You and Me Six’s song The Swarm is written about a ride at Thorpe Park.

Pearl Jam’s Jeremy was written about Jeremy Wade Delle, a 16-year-old school boy who shot himself in the mouth after being reprimanded for being late for school.

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