Some musical facts you may not have known.

The Rolling Stones’ drummer Charlie Watts can’t drive, but owns vintage cars simply so he can sit in them and enjoy the sound of their engines. While doing so he wears suits made to match each car’s upholstery.

The Sound of Music saved 20th Century Fox from going bankrupt.

Paul Young’s 1985 hit Everything Must Change ironically is the only song in history to spend five consecutive weeks at number nine.

Japan has the shortest national anthem in the world. It’s only eight bars long.

The record for the most number of people to play a single piano at the same time is 23.

Tea Set, Sigma 6, The Screaming Abdabs and Leonard’s Lodgers were all one-time pseudonyms of Pink Floyd.

Equally, Bernard Webb, Paul Ramone, Apollo C Vermouth, The Country Hams, The Fireman and Percy Thrillington were all pseudonyms of Paul McCartney.

According to Mike D of the Beastie Boys, Beastie is an acronym of Boys Entering Anarchistic Stages Towards Internal Excellence.

The record for the world’s longest marathon drumming by an entire team is three days, eight hours, and two minutes.

In 1994, at age 12, Lil Wayne suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest that almost ended his life.

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