Scott Walker

This week, Scott Walker celebrates his 76th birthday.

He was born in Hamilton, Ohio and had a love of singing and acting. He was a child actor and, in the 50s, sang rock ‘n’ roll. In 1962, he provided handclaps on the The Routers’ number 32 hit Let’s Go (Pony).

He, John Maus and Gary Leeds formed the Walker Brothers in 1964 taking the name Walker from John Maus who had been using the name John Walker for a couple of years to perform in clubs because he was technically under age. Their debut single, Pretty Girls Everywhere, had John on lead vocals but failed to make an impression. The next single, Love Her saw Scott take over as lead and he remained so throughout their career because, even at the age of 17 he had a distinctive baritone sound.

Leeds had previously worked as a drummer for P.J Proby and had toured the UK with him, and persuaded the band to go to the UK which they agreed to and ended up having far more success here than over there. Scott decided to say and by 1970 had become a British citizen.
He went solo in 1967 and had three UK hit with Jackie, Joanna and Lights of Cincinnati and in 1975, there was a brief Walker Brothers reunion which saw them back in the chart with a cover of Tom Rush’s No Regrets.

He resumed a solo are in 1984 and periodically releases albums of a more ambient nature.

Let’s remember his final solo hit 1969.

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