Scott MacKenzie

Scott was born Philip Wallach Blondheim III this week in 1939 and would have been 80, but sadly he died in 2012.

Whilst at school he was briefly a member of The Singing Strings which included folk singer Tim Rose. In 1961, he formed the folk group The Journeymen with one of his mother’s friend’s son, John Phillips – who later went on to be in the Mama and the Papas. Scott was invited to be a member of the group but he declined preferring to continue with a solo career.

He hit number one in the UK at the height of flower power in 1967 with the anthem San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair) which spent four weeks at number one. He is often classed as a one-hit-wonder because few remember the follow-up, Like an Old Time Movie that stalled at number 50 in the UK.

Let’s remember that song now.

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