Roger Whittaker

Last week Roger was 84.

He was born in Nairobi, Kenya alhough his parents were from Staffordshire. He came to the UK in 1959 and moved to Bangor North Wales where he studied zoology and marine biology of which he gained a B.Sc.

He performed folk songs at the Uni. He originally signed with Fontana records under the name Rog Whittaker and then to Columbia using his full name. His first hit was the self-penned Durham Town (The Leavin’) in 1969. His biggest hit was the Last Farewell which reeached number two in 1975. Eleven years later he returned to the chart as part of a duet with Des O’Connor on The Skye Boat Song which reached a respectabe number 10.

He has been married to Natalie since 1964 and they have six children and, currently, 11 grandchildren. In 2012, the family moved to the south of France where they currently live.

Here’s Roger live with some great whistling and three of his most well-known songs.




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