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Roddy Frame was the lead singer with the 80s group Aztec Camera and is 60 this week.

He was born in East Kilbride and, at the age of 15, formed his first band Neutral Blue and signed a record deal with Postcard records the following year, a label that was home to Orange Juice. The band evolved into Aztec Camera – a name that, from many of Frame’s explanations, came from Aztec because “it sounded right” and Camera from a Teardrop Explodes tracks.

In the 10 years, 1983 – 1993, they charted a dozen hits beginning Oblivious which stalled at number 47 but on re-issue nine months later, peaked at a more credible number 18. Their biggest hit was Somewhere In My Heart which reached number three in April 1988.

One of their most meaningful songs was the one that preceded Somewhere In My Heart and that was How Men Are. The song is about love and how certain men can be cruel and unfaithful to their partners. It tells how love gets damaged over time and how things are unclear when it’s going wrong. When things come to a head and the female (usually) begins to cry then her man might actually take notice that he’s upset her. Love is a powerful lesson to learn. Let’s enjoy that song.