Raw Silk

Jessica Cleaves was a member of the 80s disco act Raw Silk and would have been 70 this week.

They were assembled in New York by two former members of Crown Height’s Affair, Ron Dean Miller and Bert Reid who brought in three females, Jessica Cleaves, Valerie Pettiford and Tenita Jordan. Jessica took the lead vocals on their biggest hit, Do It to the Music.

Two of the ladies had previous music experience, Jessica was a former member of the Friends of Distinction and has sang backing for Earth Wind & Fire, Funkadelic and Parliament and Tenita is a former understudy for Jennifer Holliday in Dreamgirls.

After two hits and one album, the band broke up. Cleaves died in Los Angeles, California, aged 65, following complications from a stroke. Let’s remember their biggest hit from 1982.

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