Wednesday – Hertford Heath at the Silver Fox

Isilver fox

16-18 London Rd, Hertford Heath, Hertford. SG13 7RH
01992 589023
Come and enjoy the fun every Wednesday at The Silver Fox, the highest attended music quiz in Hertfordshire.
The quiz starts at 8.30pm and is £3.00 per person to enter. The jackpot, which can be won by anybody regardless of whether you win or lose the quiz, is currently at:- £60.

If  you’re looking for a midweek fun night out with original ideas, not verbal questions fired out of a book then this is the place to come. There is a guaranteed £15 cash prize to one person and each week one team will win a food and drinks voucher to the value of £15 too. If you are looking to eat, make sure you book a table on the phone number above. Over 40 people every week, so come and see what it’s all about. That’ll teach them!

Click here to see a full list of all past featured artists.

The featured artist last week was: Everly Brothers