Pick of the Pops/Chart show presenters

With the recent 70th anniversary of the chart, I had a request to list the BBC radio chart presenters over the years. The whole thing began back in 1955 and was initially a fortnightly show which was broadcasts on various days of the week including Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. It moved back to Sunday when Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman took over in September 1961 and remained on a Sunday until Jul 2015 when it moved to its current slot of Friday afternoons.

Here is a list of the regular presenters and there are 27 of them. I have not included the occasional weeks when various people deputised for somebody. Here is the list and their tenure dates:

The show was originally called Pick of the Pops and changed to the Top 20 when Tom Browne took over in 1972. It extended to a top 40 in November 1978 when Simon Bates was presenting and the first song played was Earth Wind and Fire’s Got To Get you Into My Life at number 40.

Presenter Start Date End Date
Franklin Engelmann 04-Oct-55 09-Dec-55
Alan Dell 06-Jan-56 15-Aug-56
David Jacobs 29-Aug-56 16-Sep-61
Alan Freeman 23-Sep-61 24-Sep-72
Don Moss Sep-63 Dec-63
Tom Browne 01-Oct-72 26-Mar-78
Simon Bates 02-Apr-78 26-Aug-79
Tony Blackburn 02-Sep-79 03-Jan-82
Tommy Vance 10-Jan-82 01-Jan-84
Simon Bates 08-Jan-84 23-Sep-84
Richard Skinner 30-Sep-84 23-Mar-86
Bruno Brookes 30-Mar-86 23-Sep-90
Mark Goodier 30-Sep-90 01-Mar-92
Tommy Vance 08-Mar-92 08-Mar-92
Bruno Brookes 15-Mar-92 16-Apr-95
Mark Goodier 23-Apr-95 17-Nov-02
Wes Butters 09-Feb-03 30-Jan-05
JK and Joel 06-Mar-05 23-Sep-07
Scott Mills 07-Oct-07 07-Oct-07
Fearne Cotton & Reggie Yates 14-Oct-07 20-Sep-09
Reggie Yates 27-Sep-07 23-Dec-12
Scott Mills 30-Dec-12 06-Jan-13
Jameela Jamil 13-Jan-13 18-Jan-15
Clara Amfo 25-Jan-15 05-Jul-15
Greg James 10-Jul-15 08-Jun-18
Scott Mills 15-Jun-18 09-Sep-22
Jack Saunders 16-Sep-22

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