Musical related things that happened in January

1957 Cool For Cats debuts on ITV television and hosted by Kent Walton.
1962 Dick Rowe at Decca Records famously turned down the Beatles in favour of Brian Poole and Tremeloes.
1963 Top Of The Pops first broadcast on BBC1 from a disused church in Manchester
1980 Cliff Richard awarded the M.B.E

1965 The Dutch singles chart is launched.

1936 Billboard magazine publishes their first Top 100 singles chart.

1978 The Sex Pistols begin their distastrous US tour which only lasts nine days.

1958 The Flying V guitar is patented by Gibson.

1983 Gallup take over from The British Market Research Bureau as official compilers of the UK chart.

1948 Ahmet Ertegun and Herb Abramson form Atlantic Records.

1963 The Beatles make their first UK TV appearance on Thank Your Lucky Stars.

1966 David Bowie changes his name from David Jones so not to get confused with a similar sounding Monkee.

1970 Diana Ross officially leaves the Supremes and is replaced by Jean Terrell.

1958 The Cavern Club in Matthew Street, Liverpool opens initially as a jazz club.

1958 Elvis Presley enters the U.S Army.
1960 Elvis Presley is promoted from Private to Sergeant in the U.S Army.
1982 Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a live bat thinking it was a plastic one.
1994 Fatboy Slim launches his own Southern Fried record label.

1970 Robert Moog patents the Moog synthesizer.
1998 Oasis tops the UK singles chart with All Around The World and at 9m 38s becomes the longest number one single.

1984 Michael Jackson’s hair catches fire whilst filming a pepsi cola commercial in Los Angeles.

1969 The Beatles perform on the roof of the Apple building in Savile Row in London maing it the last time all four played together.

1965 P.J. Proby famously splits his trousers on stage at the Ritz Cinema in Luton.
1997 David Bowie becomes the first pop star to float himself on the stock market.

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