Most UK hits

It’s been a while since I did this list and it was prompted by someone thinking that Glee held the record for the most UK hits. Well here’s a list of the top 25 acts to have 50 or more UK hits to their credit (but only if they are credited as a primary or featuring artist).

Artist Hits
UB40 51
Queen 52
Rolling Stones 52
Jay-Z 53
Ed Sheeran 53
Beyonce 55
Nicki Minaj 55
Kylie Minogue 56
Stevie Wonder 56
Justin Bieber 58
Eminem 58
Michael Jackson 59
Rihanna 59
Diana Ross 60
Kanye West 60
Chris Brown 62
Rod Stewart 62
Status Quo 67
Madonna 70
David Bowie 72
Elton John 87
Drake 94
Glee 100
Elvis Presley 119
Cliff Richard 134
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1 comment for “Most UK hits

  1. Dave VanMusicMaster
    March 2, 2020 at 12:23 pm

    the hits up to about 2000 are valid, as people actually went out and bought physical copies because they actually liked the stuff … since then it’s been loads of downloads or online plays that counted …. not really comparable … most of the newer “hits” aren’t really memorable enough – with a few exceptions of course …
    Whereas most of the hits pre download era are memorable …

    This seems to be borne out by many things such as Popmaster on the radio, and tv quizzes, as well as Music/General Knowledge quizzes in pubs …. no-one appears to be interested in much of the newer stuff
    A sad state of affairs, and is now probably so broken it can’t be fixed.

    Thankfully there’s loads of great new music about, but equally, you won’t see it in the “music” charts

    Well that’s my view of it anyway … what do others think?

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