Most successful top 20 acts ever on the UK singles chart

Coutesy of an old colleague Jonathan Frewin, here is a list of the top 20 UK Singles acts 1952-2018 inclusive, based on a combination of longevity, annual chart performance, chart success and number ones:

Position Act
20 Calvin Harris
19 David Bowie
18 Kylie Minogue
17 Black Eyed Peas
16 Slade
15 Rolling Stones
14 Shadows
13 Frankie Laine
12 Everly Brothers
11 Eminem
10 Ed Sheeran
9 Rod Stewart
8 Take That
7 Abba
6 Cliff Richard
5 Michael Jackson
4 Rihanna
3 The Beatles
2 Madonna
1 Elvis Presley
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