Middle names

Many singers use a pseudonym and in more recent years, more singers are known mononymously, but there are a lot of singers who use their real middle name as a forename or stage name, here’s 20 examples.

James ‘Paul’ McCartney
Howard ‘Andy’ Williams
David ‘Justin’ Hayward
June ‘Deniece’ Williams
Sean ‘Feargal’ Sharkey
Holly ‘Michelle’ Phillips
Alton ‘Glenn’ Miller
John ‘Julian’ Lennon
Robert ‘Gary’ Moore
George ‘Anthony’ Newley
Jacob ‘Taio’ Cruz
Pierre ‘David’ Guetta
Peter ‘Marc’ Almond
Sam ‘Newton’ Faulkner
Paul ‘Bruce’ Dickinson
Adele ‘Emeli’ Sandi
William ‘Holly’ Johnson
Kanneth ‘Tony’ Blackburn
Margareet ‘Leann’ Rimes
Walter ‘Max’ Bygraves


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