Longest singles to make number one

In the history of the UK singles chart, 11 songs have reached the top which time in at over six minutes. Here is the list.

Artist Title Year Length
Oasis All Around The World 1998 9m 04s
Justin Timberlake Mirrors 2013 8m 00s
Oasis D’you Know What I Mean? 1997 7m 24s
Beatles Hey Jude 1968 7m 06s
George Michael Jesus To A Child 1996 6m 55s
Eminem Stan 2000 6m 47s
Queen Innuendo 1991 6m 29s
Madonna Frozen 1998 6m 18s
USA For Africa We Are The World 1985 6m 17s
Simple Minds Belfast Child 1989 6m 04s
Ferry Aid Let It Be 1987 6m 01s

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