Kenny Everett The World’s Worst Record Show 2

Last week I posted the track listing for Kenny Everett’s world’s worst record show broadcast in 1977, it proved so popular that Kenny asked his listeners, and he had a lot of them, to vote for another batch and so Kenny compiled a second show which was broadcast on his Capital radio show in 1980. Here is the track listing for the second show.

30 Bob Monkhouse I Remember Natalie
29 The Neasden Connection Tchaikovsky’s Pianp Concerto No.1
28 Herbie Duncan Hot Lips Baby
27 Elvis Presley Old MacDonald
26 Helpless Huw Still Love You (In My Heart)
25 John Barry & Shirley Anne Field It’s Legal
24 Paul Henry Benny’s Theme
23 Nola Campbell Searching For My Baby
22 Nick Coltrane Igga Dagga
21 Nick Finch Trees
20 Tony Blackburn Here Today Gone Tomorrow
19 Pat Campbell Mother Went A Walkin’
18 Cathy Berberian Help
17 Tommy Vance & The Checkmates Summertime
16 Jess Conrad Hurt Me
15 Melody Suggs You Done Stomped On My Heart
14 Jim Reeves Old Tige
13 P.J Proby Only You
12 Derrik Roberts A World Without Sun
11 Leonard Nimoy Where Is Love
10 Simon and Garfunkel True or False
9 David Hamilton Just Like That
8 Jack Warner You Have Got The Gear
7 Mrs Oliver Schonke Snowmobile Romance
6 Red Sovine Teddy Bear
5 Terry Costello The Perfect Human Face
4 William Shatner Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
3 Steve Garland Happy New Year
2 Jag If You Walked Away
1 Reginald Bosanqquet Dance with Me

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