Groups who have sold 100million+ records worldwide

There are 21 bands who have sold 100 million or more records (combined albums and singles) worldwide.Here is the list…

Rank Group Sales
21 Dire Straits 100m
20 Backstreet Boys 100.1m
19 Guns ‘N Roses 100.5m
18 Bon Jovi 101.8m
17 Linkin Park 102.3m
16 Red Hot Child Peppers 102.6m
15 Coldplay 103.1m
14 Bee Gees 120m
13 Fleetwood Mac 121m
12 Maroon 5 121.5m
11 Metallica 125m
10 ABBA 150m
9 Aerosmith 150.2m
8 U2 150.5m
7 Rolling Stones 200m
6 AC/DC 200.2m
5 Eagles 201m
4 Queen 204m
3 Pink Floyd 250m
2 Led Zeppelin 300m
1 Beatles 600m

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