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Some of the music-related deaths in 2023

Name Date of death Group
Fred White 1st January Earth, Wind & Fire
Jeff Beck 10th January  
Lisa Marie Presley 12th January  
Robbie Bachman 12th January Bachman Turner Overdrive
David Crosby 19th January Byrds / Crosby Stills & Nash
Daniel Boone 27th January  
Barrett Strong 28th January  
Tom Verlaine 28th January Television
Lillian Walker 5th February Exciters
Burt Bacharach 8th February  
Trugoy The Dove 12th February De La Soul
Steve Mackey 2nd March Pulp
Gary Rossington 5th March Lynyrd Skynyrd
Topol 8th March  
Napoleon XIV 10th March  
Bobby Caldwell 14th March  
Peter Shelley 23rd March  
Ryuchi Sakamoto 28th March  
Vivian Trimble 4th April Luscious Jackson
Booker Newberry III 5th April  
Paul Cattermole 6th April S Club 7
Guy Bailey 7th April Quireboys
Ian Bairnson 7th April Pilot
Cliff Fish 14th April Paper Lace
Mark Sheehan 14th April The Script
Harry Belafonte 25th April  
Wee Willie Harris 27th April  
Gordon Lightfoot 1st May  
Linda Lewis 3rd May  
Rolf Harris 10th May  
Stuart Slater 10th May The Mojos
Andy Rourke 19th May Smiths
Tina Turner 24th May  
Cynthia Weil 1st June Song writer
Astrud Gilberto 5th June  
Jane Birkin 16th July  
Tony Bennett 21st July  
Vince Hill 22nd July  
Randy Meisner 26th July Eagles
Sinead O’Connor 26th July  
DJ  Casper 7th August  
Robbie Robertson 9th August  
Ray Hilderbrand 18th August Paul of Paul & Paula
Jimmy Buffett 1st September  
Steve Harwell 4th September Smash Mouth
Gary Wright 4th September  
Joe Fagin 5h September  
Roger Whitakker 13h September  
Katharine Aderson 20h September Marvelettes
Rudolph Isley 11th October  
George Brown 16th November Kool & The Gang
Mars Williams 20th November Psychedelic Furs
Jean Knight 22nd November  
Les Maguire 25th November Gerry & The Pacemakers
Geordie Walker 26th November Killing Joke
Shane MacGowan 30th November Pogues
Myles Goodwin 3rd December April Wine
Nidra Beard 8th December Dynasty
Bob Johnson 11th December Steeleye Span