Giorgio Moroder

Giovanni Giorgio Moroder was born this week in 1940 and celebrating his 80th birthday this week.

He was born in Val Gardena, in Italy but in the 70s moved to Munich and opened his own Musicland recording Studios and launched his own Oasis record label. He is responsible for much of early electronic disco sound especially Donna Summer with whom he scored his first UK hit with her version of Could It Be Magic.

He recorded an early version of Son of my Father (under the name Giorgio) before Chicory Tip and in 1977, under the same name, had a disco hit with From Here to Eternity. He went on to produce hits for Munich Machine, Roberta Kelly, Three Degrees, Sparks, Janis Ian, David Bowie and Japan. He had three UK number ones as a producer – Donna Summer’s I Feel Love, Blondie’s Call Me and Berlin’s Take My Breath Away.

In the latter seventies, he began composing film scores that include Midnight Express, American Gigolo and Superman III. In 1984, he worked with Limahl on Never Ending Story and the same year he composed the theme to the film Electric Dreams of which Together In Electric Dreams was the single – a collaboration with the Human League’s Philip Oakey became a number three hit.

Let’s remember that hit.

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2 comments for “Giorgio Moroder

  1. Dave VanMusicMaster
    April 26, 2020 at 12:23 pm

    he made an entire album with Phil Oakey, two other single – “Goodbye Bad Times” and “Be My Lover Now” … not big hits, but great singles you never hear on the radio.

    He was releasing singles in Germany in 1966 – first one was “Glaub an mich” – which translates to Believe In Me

    Absolute genius of a record producer … also did the music for Flashdance

    And the classic Sparks album “Number 1 In Heaven”

    If it’s got his name on it, I buy it 😀

  2. Dave VanMusicMaster
    April 26, 2020 at 12:25 pm

    as to 6 degrees of separation – never met him, but I have met Limahl in 1984, and was right at the front row of the studio for the TV recording of “Discomania” which featured Donna Summer 😀

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