Duos from groups

It’s not often that two members of the same group form a duo/duet partnership and have chart success. I have found 13 examples, can you think of anymore? I haven’t included Glenn & Chris who were both former THFC players.

Duo Number of hits Former Group
Dollar 14 Guys ‘N’ Dolls
Justin Hayward & John Lodge 1 Moody Blues
Appleton 3 All Saints
Keith & Shane 1 Boyzone
H & Claire 3 Steps
Tony Meehan & Jet Harris 3 Shadows
Gallagher & Lyle 4 McGuinness Flint
Larry Mullen Jr & Adam Clayton 1 U2
Godley & Crème 3 10cc
Billy Davis Jr & Marilyn McCoo 1 Fifth Dimension
Page & Plant 2 Led Zeppelin
Hudson Ford 3 Strawbs
Gary Barlow & Robbie Williams 1 Take That

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