A – Z of bands with sisters in them.

Here’s an (almost) A – Z of bands with sisters in them, but not all of them had UK hits.

A Ace Of Base Jenny & Linn Bergrenn
B Bangles Debbi & Vicki Peterson
C Cleopatra Zainam, Yonah & Cleopatra Higgins
D Dale Sisters Betty, Julie & Hazel Dunderdale
E Emotions Sheila, Wanda & Jeanette Hutchinson
F Five Star Denice, Doris & Lorraine Pearson
G Gardiner Sisters Hailey, Allie, Mandi, Lindsay, Abby, and Lucy Gardiner
H Heart Ann & Nancy Wilson
I Ibeyi Twin sisters Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz
J Jackson Sisters Lyn, Pat, Rae, Jacqueline & Glennie
K Kossoy Sisters Irene & Ellen
L Las Ketchup Pilar, Lola & Lucia Munoz
M McGuire Sisters Phyllis, Dorothy & Christine McGuire
N Nolans Bernie, Coleen, Linda & Maureen
O Out of Eden Danielle, Andrea & Lisa
P Pointer Sisters June, Anita, Ruth & Bonnie Pointer
Q Quinn Sara & Tegan Quinn
R Ronettes Estelle & Veronica Bennett
S Sister Sledge Kathy, Kim, Joni & Debbie Sledge
T Tempers Corina & Chalia Bakker
U Unthanks Becky and Rachel Unthank
V Voice Of The Beehive Tracy & Melissa Brooke-Belland
W Winans Angie & Debbie Winans
X Xscape LaTocha & Tamika Scott
Y There are none
Z There are none