Did you know?

Beethoven’s most famous symphony No.5 with the da da da dah opening is actually the letter V in Morse code. At the time of writing it, Germany, was at war and Ludvig wanted to communicate victory through this song to show his patriotism.

The Russian composer Aleksandr Skryabin died of blood poisoning from a sore on his lip.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is an anagram of A Famous German Waltz God.

Bach was married twice in his lifetime and between his two wives he had 20 children.

One theory about Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s death is that he committed suicide over a failed Homosexual relationship.

Because of his height, Franz Schubert was given the nickname Mushroom.

Richard Wagner liked to wear pink silk underwear.

The Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg always kept a frog figurine in his pocket and always rubbed it before a concert for good luck.

Mozart wrote the overture to his opera Don Gionvanni on the morning of its premier whilst he was suffering from a hangover.

In 1741 a nine year old Vienna Choirboy, Joseph Haydn, sang at the funeral of Antonio Vivaldi in St. Stephan’s in Vienna.

The most requested piece of music on Radio Four’s Desert Island discs is The Lark Ascending by Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Frederick Handel had such a big appetite that when he dined out he often ordered enough food for three people.

Elgar’s Nimrod, from his Enigma Variations, is the most-requested piece of classical music played at funerals in the UK.

Antonio Vivaldi wrote over 400 pieces and because his pieces were so alike, his critics claim he only wrote one piece and all the rest are just modifications of it.

Beethoven’s 3rd symphony is commonly known as Eroica.