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Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart and his son Sean have pleaded not guilty to battery charges relating to an alleged bust-up with a hotel security guard on New Year’s Eve.

The veteran singer and his son were charged for allegedly assaulting Jessie Dixon, a member of the security team at The Breakers hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, after he reportedly denied them access to a party.

According to, father and son were not present in court on Tuesday to enter their not guilty plea and waived their right to be present during future court hearings, indicating they plan to stay away from the Florida courtroom unless the judge demands they appear.

Rod, 75, and Sean, 39, have been charged with one count each of simple battery, a misdemeanour offence that could send them to jail for up to one year. The Maggie May hitmaker could also face a lawsuit from Dixon, 33, who is reportedly pursuing a civil case for damages.

The police report from Palm Beach Police Department officers states that Dixon claimed Rod struck him in “the left rib cage area” after Sean shoved him, and that the alleged incident was captured on hotel security cameras. In his defence, Sean told detectives Dixon was “aggressive” during the altercation.

The security guard’s attorney Gawayne Kelly indicated his intention to bring a civil case by telling The Scottish Sun on Sunday: “We are going to come from a civil point of view. There’s a criminal case which we’re not involved in.”

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Queen Money

Queen are set to become the first band ever to be celebrated with an official commemorative UK coin collection from the Royal Mint.

The first in The Royal Mint’s new ‘Music Legends’ collection, Queen’s coin is available to buy in a variety of different Gold proof, Silver proof, and Brilliant Uncirculated versions, ranging from a £5 Brilliant uncirculated coin costing £13 to a One Ounce Gold Proof Coin that will set you back a whopping £2,020.

Additionally, the Brilliant Uncirculated coin will be available in limited numbers in three exclusive packs which includes a poster and will only be available to purchase from The Royal Mint.

The design of the coin pays tribute to all four members of Queen and features Freddie Mercury’s microphone and Bechstein grand piano, Brian May’s ‘Red Special’ guitar, Roger Taylor’s Ludwig bass drum and John Deacon’s Fender Precision Bass. The coin is completed by Queen’s iconic logo.

On the other side of the coin, of course, is the Queen herself.


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Ozzy Osbourne

The Black Sabbath hitmaker had a nasty accident at the beginning of the year and was forced to postpone his band’s tour as a result and undergo a tough year of rehabilitation.

Speaking in an interview with ABC News that aired on Good Morning America, he admitted: “It was the worst, longest, most painful, miserable year of my life. When I had the fall it was pitch black, I went to the bathroom and I fell. I just fell and landed like a slam on the floor and I remember lying there thinking, ‘Well, you’ve done it now,’ really calm. Sharon called an ambulance. After that it was all downhill. It wasn’t really a problem for a while. I never noticed any different. Sharon was saying, ‘Are you okay? You seem different.'”

Ozzy previously confessed he thought he was going to die after battling multiple different ailments, because he thought he was paralysed after his awful fall.

He said: “I went to the bathroom in the night, lost my balance and landed flat on my face. I saw this big white flash when I hit the floor and I thought, ‘You’ve finally done it now. I knew it was bad, I thought I was paralysed, so very calmly I said, ‘Sharon, I can’t move. I think I’ve done my neck. Phone an ambulance.’ The pain is constant. The first six months I was in agony. I’d say, ‘Sharon – you’re not telling me the truth. I’m dying, aren’t I?’ I thought I’d got some terminal illness because the improvement was so slow. I’m getting better, but after the surgery the nurses asked me on a scale of one to ten how much pain I was in, and I said, ’55!’ Six months of waking up and being unable to move is a miserable existence.”

Ozzy and his wife/manager Sharon appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday 21st January where Ozzy opened up for the first time about his private health battle with Parkinson’s disease.

Reflecting upon his torrid 2019, which saw him battle pneumonia and suffer neck injuries in a serious fall in his bedroom, a visibly emotional Ozzy told Good Morning America host Robin Roberts: “It’s been terribly challenging for us all.

“I did my last show New Year’s Eve (2018) at The Forum (in Los Angeles). Then I had a bad fall. I had to have surgery on my neck, which screwed all my nerves.”

“I found out that I have a mild form of….” Ozzy continued before wife Sharon helped him finish his sentence.

“It’s Parkin 2, which is a form of Parkinson’s. There are so many different types of Parkinson’s,” Sharon explained.

“It’s not a death sentence by any stretch of the imagination but it does effect certain nerves in your body. It’s like you’ll have a good day, a good day and then a really bad day.”

Ozzy added: “A year ago next month I was in a shocking state. I’m on a host of medication, mainly for the surgery. I’ve got numbness down this arm and my legs are going cold. I don’t know if it’s the Parkinson’s or what. That’s the problem. Because
they cut nerves when they did the surgery. I’d never heard of nerve pain, and it’s a weird feeling.”


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Whitney’s back

Whitney Houston’s music is to live on in the form of a hologram world tour, kicking off in the UK on February 25.

An Evening With Whitney is a celebration of the singer’s outstanding career and features classic hits such as I Wanna Dance With Somebody and I Will Always Love complete with dancers and a live band. The tour coincides with Whitney’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

The show has been put together by BASE Hologram (the team behind the Roy Orbison & Buddy Holly hologram tour) and the Estate of Whitney Houston, presented through state-of-the-art holographic technology combined with Broadway-inspired theatrical staging. Below is a first look at the tour with the tour’s highly acclaimed choreographer Fatima Robinson:

The dates are:

Tuesday February 25 – Sheffield – City Hall, Friday February 28 – Manchester – O2 Apollo, Saturday March 7 – Brighton – Brighton Centre and Tuesday March 10 – London – Hammersmith Eventim Apollo

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Celine Dion’s mum dies

Celine Dion’s mother has died at the age of 92.

Therese Dion, a mother of 14, passed away in her native Canada in the early hours of Friday, when she was surrounded by family and friends, according to the local CTV News.

Her passing emerges months after her eldest child, Claudette Dion, revealed she had been battling a series of significant health issues, including memory loss, and hearing and vision impairment.

Her husband, Adhemar, died in 2003.

Known affectionately in Canada as Maman Dion, Therese famously co-wrote Celine’s first song, It Was Only a Dream, which was sent to music manager Rene Angelil in 1980 in the hopes of landing her then-12-year-old daughter a record deal.

Celine went on to become Rene’s superstar protegee, while they also fell in love and wed in 1994.

Therese later became a TV personality and hosted her own cooking show, while she was also known for her philanthropy, and founded the Maman Dion Foundation in 2006 to aid disadvantaged children.

Her passing comes at a tough time for the Dion family – Tuesday marked the fourth anniversary of Rene’s death, while Celine’s brother, Daniel, died four years ago on Thursday.

The My Heart Will Go On hitmaker, who is currently on tour, took to Instagram on Friday to mourn the loss of her mother as she prepared to take the stage in Miami, Florida.

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Neil Peart

Tens of thousands of Rush fans have signed a petition calling for the late-great Neil Peart to be immortalised with a permanent statue or plaque in Lakeside Park in St. Catherines, Canada.

Peart, who died on 7th January following a three-and-a-half-year battle with brain cancer, was brought up in Port Dalhousie and lived very close to Lakeside Park.

In 1975 he penned the highly nostalgic lyrics to Rush’s song of the same name, ‘Lakeside Park’, which was lifted from Rush’s third studio album ‘Caress of Steel’.

St. Catharines resident and Rush fan, Tony McLaughlin, started the petition for a memorial last week and it has already amassed more than 22,000 signatures.

Addressed Mayor Walter Sendzik and the The City of St. Catharines, McLaughlin wrote: “Speaking on behalf of myself and many others in the community of St. Catharines, we would like to see some sort of plaque or statue to commemorate the drummer of Rush, Neil Peart, in Lakeside Park.

“Neil spent a lot of his youth in Port Dalhousie as can be heard in the famous song he penned “Lakeside Park,” what an amazing tribute it would be to him to have this placed there.

“We’re all very proud of his accomplishments after he made that fateful audition in Toronto back in the 70’s. If we all pull together, we CAN make this happen. With his untimely passing recently, this needs to be done even more so now. Please sign the petition, and let’s all make some change. Thank you.”

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