Bob Fish

Bob Fish, one of the four vocalists with the doo-wop group Darts is 70 this week.

Darts formed in 1976 and comprised vocalists Fish with Rita Ray, Den Hegarty and Griff Fender (b: Ian Collier), guitarist George Currie, keyboard player Hammy Howell, saxophonist Nigel Trubridge, bass guitarist Iain ‘Thump’ Thompson and drummer John Dummer. In 1979 Den left and was replaced by an American singer Kenny Andrews.

Their early hits were usually covers of 50s doo-wop song, but in 1978 they recorded original material including It’s Raining written Fender, Don’t Let It Fade Away written by George Currie and Get It written by Horatio Hornblower under his real name Nigel Trubridge.

The band are still going in more or less an original line-up including, on occasions, with Den Hegarty who is a complete nutcase having met him on a number of occasions, but a thoroughly lovely man. Hammy Howell died in 1999, Currie is also an amateur archaeologist, Trubridge became a trade union leader and, in 2017, under the name Horace Trubridge, was elected as General Secretary of the Musicians’ Union. Bob Fish plays autoharp and gives workshop demonstrations. He still has a fantastic voice and is wonderfully charismatic. Rita Ray is the radio DJ and an authority on afrobeat and World Service presenter.

Here’s their 1978 number two hit with Bob on lead vocals.

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