Bands and their alternative names

Here is a list of 25 bands who, at some point in their career, briefly changed their name. Some before they were famous, some during and some after. They have all either recorded or performed under these names.

Band name Pseudonyn
Genesis The Garden Wall
Scissor Sisters Queef Latina
Damned Naz Nomad And The Nightmares
Stranglers Celia And The Mutations
Kaiser Chiefs Hooks For Hands
U2 Passenger
Aerosmith Dr J Jones and the Interns
Metallica The Lemmys
Las Lee Rude And The Velcro Underpants
Franz Ferdinand The Black Hands
Clash The Lash
Prodigy Earthbound
Biffy Clyro Jaggy Snake
Motley Crue The Four Skins
The Jam John’s Boys
Arctic Monkeys The Death Ramps
Motorhead Iron Fist & the Hordes of Hell
Arcade Fire The Reflektors
Foo Fighters Dee Gees
Cure The Obtainers
REM Bingo Hand Job
Iron Maiden The Entire Population Of Hackney
Strokes Venison
Rolling Stones The Cockroaches
Led Zepellin Melvin Giganticus And The Turd Burglars

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