Acts who own their own record labels

It’s not a new thing, but in this day and age more acts are launching their own record label so they are not ripped off by the few remaining majors. It started in the sixties, so here’s a list of 20 acts that have done it successfully.

Act Label
Beastie Boys Grand Royal
Beatles Apple
Dave Grohl Roswell
Disclosure Method
Dr Dre Aftermath
Ed Sheeran Gingerbread
Eminem Shady
Frank Sinatra Reprise
Jay-Z Roc-Nation
Justin Timberlake Tennman
KanYe West Good
Led Zeppelin Swansong
Madonna Maverick
Nick Jonas And Demi Lovato Safehouse Records
Oasis Big Brother
P.Diddy Bad Boy
Prince New Power Generation / Paisley Park
Ray Charles Tangerine
Rolling Stones Rolling Stones
White Stripes Third Man
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