A Taste of Honey

This week Perry Kibble, the keyboard player with A Taste of Honey is 70 years old.

A quality disco band who are remembered for their only UK hit, Boogie Oogie Oogie and its fantastic bassline. The line-up of the band were Janice Marie Johnson (bass/vocals), Hazel Payne (vocals/guitar), Perry Kibble (keyboards) and Donald Johnson (drums) and the idea for the song happened when they played a show at a military base in the United States. It was a hard audience and they were not responding to their songs. Hazel Payne was getting frustrated and, in no uncertain terms said to the crowd, “If you’re thinking that you’re too cool to boogie, we’ve got news for you. Everyone here tonight must boogie and you are no exception to the rule,” and later that evening Janice used that line to come up with the song.

Wanna see some great female guitar playing? Check it out here.

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