60s pop starlet Twinkle has died

She was called the poshest rebel of them all, the sixties starlet. Twinkle, has died.

Twinkle, who was born Lynn Annette Ripley in 1948, was different from her counterparts, namely Dusty, Sandie and Cilla, because she wrote her own material. She was born into a well-to-do family and had a private education where she attended Kensington’s Queen’s Gate School at the same time as Camilla Parker Bowles. She recalled, “I was protected as a child and any boyfriend I had to be from Harrow or Eton. But I’d see motorbikes flashing by on the Dorking by-pass near where I lived and I longed to go around with people like that which is where Terry came in.”

Her discovery of pop probably coincided with her disillusionment of school, Twinkle recalled one particular event, “We didn’t have uniform, most of the girls were really Sloane Rangers but I wore the latest fashion. My mother was brilliant like that and one day I wore a dress that nipped under the bust and then flowed out. The headmistress called me into her study and said to me, ‘You look six months pregnant’, so I smacked her and walked out and phoned dad and told him I couldn’t take it anymore. Dad made me stay until the end of term because he didn’t want to see ‘expelled’ written on my report.”

Twinkle’s elder sister, Dawn, was a budding journalist and following columns she’d contributed to Mirabelle and Jackie magazines she began to mix with various pop stars. One day Dawn was going to a party and invited Twinkle to join her. There, Twinkle acquired an admirer in the shape of Dec Clusky from the Bachelors. One night, not long after, Dec and the other two Bachelors had arranged a meal with Twinkle, her sister and their father and it was there that Mr Ripley presented Dec with a tape of his daughter singing Terry who, in turn, played it to his managers who were the husband and wife couple Dorothy and Philip Solomon. Philip then paid a visit to the Ripley household and after initially mistaking Twinkle for once of the servants’ children she was offered the chance to record the song professionally and her dad made her promise that if the record failed she had to complete her next term at school.

Her name was resurrected again in 1986 when The Smiths covered Golden Lights and issued it on the cassette single of Ask in 1986. By the nineties she’d effectively disappeared only occasionally popping up on various oldies shows and last toured properly in 1994 when she was on the road with the Four Pennies and former Searchers’ singer Tony Jackson, but basically admitted she hasn’t been interested in the pop world for decades.

In 1972 she married Graham Rogers who will be best remembered for being the daredevil stuntman in the Milk Tray advert and the sheikh in the Fry’s Turkish Delight advert. She died on 21st May after a five-year battle with cancer.

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