10 interesting musical facts

12 hours of music are uploaded to SoundCloud every minute.

The oldest artist to have a UK number one is Tom Jones who was 68 years, Nine months and two weeks old when he topped the chart in 2009 with Barry Islands In The Stream alongside Robin Gibb, Vanessa Jenkins and Bryn West.

Status Quo’s 1979 hit Living On an Island was not as exotic as it sounds, it was written about Jersey where Rick Parfitt was resident at the time for tax purposes.

The longest marathon karaoke ever was attempted by Leonardo Polverelli in Italy on 23 Sep 2011. The performance lasted for five days and around 101 hours, 59 minutes and 15 seconds.

The musicians on Johnny Nash’s 1972 hit I Can See Clearly Now is the Average White Band.

Midnight Oil’s 1988 hit Beds Are Burning is about displaced aboriginals in Australia.

In 2015, Adele refused to let her 25 album be used on any streaming services and so if you wanted her album you had to buy the CD or download it. She sold 5 million discs in a month. It probably earned her more money in the process.

Harpo’s 1976 hit Movie Star features Abba’s Frida on backing vocals.

The Greek national anthem is the longest with 158 verses.

The Sue in Dion’s Runaround Sue was Susan Butterfield – his girlfriend at the time.

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