Kenny Rogers – Lady

In 1980, Kenny Rogers had an American number one and a UK number 12 with Lady. It was written by Lionel Richie and in this video Kenny tells how Lionel said he pitched it to the Commodores but they turned it down, but he was joking. Lionel received a call from Motown’s publishing company saying that Kenny Rogers wanted Lionel to write a song for him. Lionel agreed and flew to Las Vegas to meet Kenny and play him the demo. In an interview with The Metro who asked Lionel if he thought about keeping the song for himself, he replied, “Just the opposite. When I wrote the song for Kenny, I called my lawyer and said, ‘If I put my voice on this it’s going to be a smash, I want it.’ My lawyer said: ‘If you give it to Kenny, it will be bigger than you ever thought.’ Now this was true. What I did not realize was that not only did I have my crowd, I picked up all of Kenny’s following too. And that happened to be the rest of the world.”

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