Chris Tarrant

The entertainer and radio broadcaster Chris Tarrant is 71 this week.

Whilst at school he excelled at hockey and cricket as gained A-levels in English and history. He attended the University of Birmingham where he studied English. A very qualified man who originally made his living as a teacher and whilst doing so, lived in a caravan.

In the early seventies, he joined ATV as a newsreader. In 1974 he was offered the job as a co-host of TISWAS (an acronym for Today is Saturday Watch and Smile) alongside Sally James, Bob Carolgees, Lenny Henry and John Gorman which was a favourite with children and adults alike and ran for 302 episodes.

After it ended in 1981, Chris went on to host O.T.T. a programme he described as the adult version of TISWAS, it was short-lived but within a few months he joined Capital radio in London originally presenting a show called lunday sunchtime and then in March 1987 he took over the breakfast show where he remained until April 2004.

In 1998 he began hosting the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire which was so popular that it was sold to over 100 countries around the world.

The only time Tarrant hit the UK singles chart was in May 1980 with the TISWAS team under the guise The Four Bucketeers, with the John Gorman-penned The Bucket of Water Song and reached number 26 on the chart. Let’s remember….

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