Andy Summers

Andy Summers, the guitarist with the Police, is 75 this week.

He is the oldest member of the group and hard to believe he’s 10 years older than both Sting and Stewart Copeland. He was born Andrew Somers in Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire in 1942 and by the time the Police formed in 1977, he was already 35.

He did, however, have a career before the Police. He grew up in Bournemouth and took up guitar when he was 13. Just three years later he was playing in local clubs and met Zoot Money and in 1961 the pair moved to London. In the mid-sixties he was a member of Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band who, after a short spell of success evolved into Dantalion’s Chariot. When that group folded by briefly joined Soft Machine and, in 1968, for an even briefer moment, he joined Eric Burdon and the Animals. He played with many acts as a session guitarist before joining the Police in 1977.

The Police’s career is well documented, but when they split in 1986 Andy continued to work with many acts including Sting during his solo career. In 2013 he formed a new band called Circa Zero but disbanded two years later.

Let’s enjoy the Police’s debut hit from 1978, Can’t Stand Losing You which peaked at number 42 first time round then number two when re-issued following the success of Roxanne.

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