A soap star

Countless soap stars have tried their hand at pop and, without doubt, the most successful is Kylie Minogue and certainly Neighbours and EastEnders have spawned the most. One Neighbours actor, in 1989, managed just two UK hits of which the first is, strangely but fondly remembered and the second, I defy anyone to remember. That second hit reached the dizzy heights of number 67 where it spent one solitary week on the chart, it was called This Love Affair. Anyone? No? Ok, the first one was called Don’t It Make You Feel Good and got to number 16. A-ha, I hear you say, Paul Robinson. Indeed, or Stefan Dennis as he was credited on the single.

He was born in Tawonga in the south-eastern state of Victoria. A tiny place which, in 2011, was recorded as having a population on just 580 people. He began acting in 1979 and had small parts in various Australian shows including The Sullivans, The Henderson Kids and The Young Doctors and successfully auditioned for Neighbours in 1984. He originally auditioned for the Des Clarke role but ended up as the ruthless businessman Paul Robinson.

He is still a member of the cast albeit taking a 12 years break between 1994 and 2002 during which time he toured New Zealand in the show Blood Brothers and then moved to the UK where got appeared in small roles in Casualty and The Bill, among others.

His music career was less successful but let’s remember his first and biggest hit.

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